Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Deep Blue - Charlotte Hatherley

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Keen readers of my blog, and yes there are a couple of you out there, will remember that my recent Charlotte Hatherley concert review wasn't entirely positive. It wasn't a bad night out, but neither did it fill me with excitement for the upcoming album. The fact that this record got shunted to the back of the "to review" pile might therefore be some cause for concern.

Well it is, and it isn't. Whilst not as instantly accessible as Grey Will Fade (and if we're being honest, that was accessible mostly due to two or three killer tracks) this is definitely an album with a certain charm.

Lead single Behave was quite brilliant in it's own way and it's not the only great track on here. Be Thankful is another highlight, as is the swooping Again (which surprised me as I was distinctly underwhelmed when I heard it live).

My problem is that very little of it actually grabs me. It's mildly diverting to tick off the list of influences as you go through, and it's all respectfully done. But whilst I enjoy the album to some degree as I listen to it, I never really get the urge to make sure that I stick around for a repeat listen.

In the final analysis its a worthy and interesting album, but also a slightly dull one. And not one that really takes my fancy all that much.

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