Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good Morning Revival - Good Charlotte

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Never let it be said that my mind is closed. I mean lets face it, Good Charlotte aren't very good are they?

They rarely do a single that I don't detest (I Just Wanna Live is the one main exception - Girls and Boys was catchy but was ruined forever when my boss started singing along to it) and what makes it worse is that for all their Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous rhetoric, they seem to be able to piss and moan with the best of them these days.

But, credit where credit is due and all that, recent single Keep Your Hands Off My Girl was pretty bloody good. In fact, no, it was excellent. In fact it was so good that it made me almost look forward to the album. I say almost because I knew deep down that it probably wouldn't be very good and that the single would prove to be a one-off; still, you have to give the young whippersnappers the chance don't you?

Sadly, as I expected, Good Morning Revival isn't very good and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl is indeed the best thing on it by a country mile. Indeed there are times when you even wonder if the album is some kind of elaborate joke. Firstly for all the angst-rock bluster, this is as "pop" as anything that Mr Madden's ex-squeeze Hillary Duff would come up with; this is exacerbated by the almost pointless attempts to incorporate more "electro" sounds into their repertoire. Hell you could almost argue that some tracks see them attempt a "dance" sound. The results are as bad as you might expect.

Not every track is completely awful, but if I'm being honest the only song off it I have any inclination to listen to again is the aforementioned Keep Your Hands Off My Girl. Which should sum up just what a turgid experience this album is.

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