Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kate Nash LIVE

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Ok, so the traffic wasn't that bad. It was still bad, but not as bad as you might expect. Which gave us plenty of time for a traditional Chinese banquet and still have the time to watch the first half of the football in Bar Rogue. Nearly sent me to sleep mind you.

Got to the venue halfway through the support act Peggy Sue & The Pirates. They seemed alright. I wasn't really paying all that much attention. Sorry.

Mind you, I didn't spend their entire set talking very loudly and generally being quite irritating. Although at a push you can forgive it during the support act, especially at the back of the venue (although really a bit of respect for people who want to listen isn't an impossible task really is it?) but to then proceed to attempt to drown out the act that everyone has paid to see really is taking the biscuit.

So anyway, much as I don't like pushing my way forward once a concert has started, this time we had no choice. So we moved a little forward and, wouldn't you know it, managed to stand near another bunch of idiots intent on talking as much as possible. And yes, I was giving you "funny looks" and yes it was me who said "well that will be their cue to f**king start talking" as Kate Nash introduced a "quiet song, so stop talking"...


Onto the concert.

I can be quite an emotional man at times, but I don't think I've ever felt like crying at a concert before. Well on this occasion I did. And that's not "cry" in a "that's bloody awful, why have I wasted my money on this shite" way; that's "cry" in an "oh my gosh, she's actually absolutely brilliant and her sad songs make me well up" kind of way.

Seriously. I downloaded her single Birds, but it was only on hearing it live that I started to get all emotional. I don't particularly know why, other than it is a rather lovely song, but it affects me. And not a lot of music has that power these days. She also achieved that on the, also rather lovely, The Nicest Things. I know it's obviously written from a girl's point of view but surely we can all relate to it.

But alternatively as well as making me cry, Kate Nash can also make me laugh. Witness The Shit Song, or Dickhead ("What you gotta be a dickhead for?/Stop being such a dickhead").

There was also a rather funky version of Caroline Is A Victim, completely removed from the lo-fi single version, which I enjoyed a lot as well. Also a winner was the "probable 2nd single" Foundations.

She ended things with Merry Happy, which saw her joined by Peggy Sue & The Pirates on backing vocal duties; it was a thrilling end to a thrilling show.

It would be easy to dismiss Nash as some sort of comedy songwriter; it would also be easy to dismiss her as the "new" Lily Allen (and yes Gee, I'm aware I sold the concert to you on that basis ;-D, but needs must). It would also be easy to suggest that her training as an actress suggests that her cynicism may not be all it seems. But all this would miss the point.

I mean I've already pointed out that not only does she have the ability to make me laugh, but also the ability to make me cry. And as much as I like Lily Allen, and I do, she can't hold a candle to Kate Nash in any respect. I know, half of you are thinking "he's off again" but I really cannot praise this woman enough. Chart super-stardom may well elude her, although really if there is any justice it won't, but I don't care. Kate Nash is the shit. And I mean that in a good way.

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