Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dying To Say This To You - The Sounds

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Well I tipped them as stars of 2007, and we all know that won't happen. But that shouldn't stop me reviewing the album. It's been out in Europe for ages, but will soon get a UK release so why not, hey?

They certainly have the tunes to make an impact. In fact the majority of songs clock in at about 3 minutes and have that radio friendly air about them. There are many reference points but to me they're kind of like Blondie doing The Killers (which is not all that surprising considering Jeff Saltzman, of Hot Fuss fame, is at the production helm here).

They no doubt aim for disco, but rough it up with just enough of a punk edge to stop it grating. Song With A Mission, Painted By Numbers and Tony The Beat are the best examples. All are catchy and give you something to dance to but also add some rough guitars which elevate the songs into something special.

Of course it's difficult to argue with those that say that it's all a bit "samey"; they'd have a point. But given that the entire album clocks in at about 35 minutes the point is never over-done. And it's perhaps telling that the one "non-template" moment on the album, Night After Night, is the dullest thing on there. (Although if you pick up certain editions of the album there is an alternative version of this track which is a damn sight better). The pared down sound also highlights the fact that the lyrics are not exactly top-drawer; but then again that doesn't need to be a criticism given the the album so obviously appeals to the feet rather than the brain.

It never quite lives up to the potential the great songs on this collection suggest but it is a good album nevertheless for those who fancy a bit of a boogie with an indie twist. It does occasionally feel like everything is blurring into one but that needn't put you off.

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