Monday, March 19, 2007

Single Releases 19/03/07

Let's get this out of the way right at the beginning. I don't mind the new Razorlight single. Yes, I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got isn't very good, but it's not bad. Not bad at all. I still wouldn't buy it.

Surprisingly I also quite like the new Maximo Park single. Indeed since I heard it for the first time I've been known to randomly burst out "my velocity" at various times of the day. Whether all this will transfer to me actually liking them as a whole, only time will tell.

Is Jamelia running out of ideas. No More is just Beware Of The Dog again but with a different legendary sample. It's not half the tune that Dog was either.

I still don't see what Fergie is up to. How can someone who is in the Black Eyed Peas, who let's face it despite what your opinion on them may be can come up with some pretty catchy pop melodies, lose all sense of tune and melody in her solo outings?

The Bomb by New York Pony Club is pretty good. There does seem to have been an outburst of "she's fit" though recently about the various women in the band. Not that that makes any difference of course. I just think it's a bit strange how many people recently have been raving about them in that sense.

I don't mind Hilary Duff. But With Love is not very good. I like the "rock" Duff better than the "r'n'b" Duff.

Laura Veirs comes back this week with a new single, Don't Lose Yourself, and a new backing band (The Saltbreakers), although to be honest it looks like the same backing band with a new name. The single's good, if a little more "funky" than you might expect from Veirs. It certainly sets the pulse racing for the new album, which is job done really isn't it?

Sadly once again, I can't really summon the energy this week to review any more singles.

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