Friday, March 16, 2007

Small Town Girl - Kellie Pickler

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What is up with me? Two American Idol album contestant reviews in one week? If only I had some credibility to lose in the first place hey?

Anyway, whilst Katharine "the future Mrs Roberts" McPhee is in many ways your typical R'n'B pop princess, Kellie Pickler is much more your hoe-down kinda girl. Yes, this is the second country review in a week as well. What can I say? Once I get in a musical mood it sticks with me for a while.

Of course just because it's a different genre from McPhee, it doesn't mean that it doesn't suffer from the same problems. Not that this is a bad record by any stretch of the imagination just that its obviously led by someone other than the artist herself.

She has the personality but it's as if somebody somewhere has decided that she's the ideal "girl next door" and is best off singing about those modern Country issues such as female empowerment (Gotta Keep Moving), getting over a breakup (lead single Red High Heels) and pure unadulterated schmaltz (Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You).

Still, to Pickler's credit these are all tasks which she can carry off with something approaching aplomb and if it never quite catches fire it is all very personable.

My particular favourites are the aforementioned Red High Heels, which surely has that kind of Radio 2 crossover potential, and Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind which is catchy AND funny at the same time.

So all in all it's a likeable album and Pickler comes across as likeable to boot. It's just not a very vital album. If Country music is your kind of thing you could do worse than check this out, everyone else may as well steer clear.

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