Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Other Side - Lucie Silvas

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I can take or leave Lucie Silvas if I'm being honest. I wasn't exactly thrilled by her debut album but did find that live she was an nice, if slightly dull, evening's entertainment.

And that last comment just about sums up the new offering from her, The Other Side.

Record company shenanigans, and a complete lack of success for a single release, meant that this album sat on the shelf until this month when at one point it was scheduled to hit the stores well before the end of 2006. What makes this even more baffling is that the delayed release was met with little, or no, fanfare and pretty quietly made it's way into shops.

It's by no means a dreadful album. Silvas has the voice, and she has genuine song-writing skills and there are few tracks that you would willfully skip over as you listened to the album. That said, there are just as few tracks that would instantly have you grabbing for the repeat button.

If you've heard anything by Silvas you'll know what you're getting on this collection. And if you liked her debut offering you will probably find much to enjoy here. My favourites were Already Gone, which highlights Silvas' best features...namely her voice and her piano playing, and Something About You.

Like I said though, too little of the rest stands out, although its never less than listenable. Having heard the album though I can understand why Silvas may well get lost in the shuffle. Whilst competent she somewhat lags behind the likes of Nerina Pallot and KT Tunstall. You could do worse than listen to this album, but you could also do a hell of a lot better.

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