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Single Releases 05/03/07

What a fine week it is for singles this week. No, seriously. I know that most weeks I seem to rage against virutally anything, but this week WILL be different. Sure, I've no doubt I'll find something to hate, but there is some cracking stuff out this week.

To wit;

Chelsea by Stefy finally gets its UK release this week (I reviewed the album back in September). It's bloody fantastic. And it should be a HUGE hit. It probably won't be, because lets face it, it's me predicting big things here, but don't let that put you off.

Alfie is probably the video of the year already and it's amazing how many people who don't really like Lily Allen have told me how much they love the tune. Hell even my Dad, who normally turns his nose up at anything I listen to that was recorded after 1980, told me he liked it. It's brilliant (and it's nominal Double A-side Shame For You isn't bad either).

Robbie Williams has had some of the worst reviews of his career for the Rudebox album, which I think is totally unfair. She's Madonna sees him teaming up with the Pet Shop Boys for a classic slice of Robbie pop. Shame about the video though.

I'll apologise for this one in advance, but I think Get Your Hands Off My Girl by Good Charlotte is actually very good indeed . I know, it's Good Charlotte, but it would be churlish to hate it just because it's them wouldn't it?

Of course I can be totally churlish at times. Like not really liking the new Biffy Clyro single Saturday Superhouse. The fact that Edith Bowman spent ages championing it has nothing to do with my opinion whatsoever.

I'm assuming Example is the latest attempt by Mike Skinner to become the Timberland of the UK but never mind that. I Can't Rap is both funny and very very catchy. It's all very "UK Eminem" but has a sense of self-depreciating humour that Mr Mathers could well do with. I love it, for sure.

In what may be a complete one off, Regina Spektor's new video has actually made The Box playlist. Fidelity is just as good as long-time fans would suspect. Another great track.

The Sounds were one of my tips for 2007 and this week sees the release of Tony The Beat (Push It) and it's another fantastic slice of pop that sits somewhere between Cansei de ser Sexy and Franz Ferdinand. Plus there's women with no clothes on in the video.

Kubicheck were another of my tips for 2007 and Nightjoy confirms to me I was right. It's a catchy, indie-driven number with a sing-a-long chorus. It's a lot better than a lot of the shite that gets pushed in the name of indie these days.

It must be at least an hour since Timberland was in a video so along he pops on the new Nelly Furtado single, Say It Right. It's good, but not as good as Maneater or Promiscuous. It is better than that last one where she whistled a lot though.

Pieces Of The People We Love by The Rapture is a strange one. It's good but never quite catches fire like you hope. You sit there waiting for something never comes.

Having heard great things about The Sunshine Underground I was looking forward to checking out Borders, their new single. Sadly it fails to live up to the hype. It's just your typical tune, with little to lift it from the indie pack.

I don't like Lemar. Don't get me wrong, he can sing. But that's about it. His songs appeal to that lowest common denominator, the Radio 2 houswife audience. However, Tick Tock sees him delve to even lower depths than I imagined. I'm sure he's trying to make a point, but hearing him complain about his busy lifestyle whilst loads of gorgeous women dance around him somewhat loses the message. What a terrible fucking life he must lead.

Ben Mills was from X-Factor apparently. I never watch that programme. Beside You is by no means the worst song ever recorded but it's pretty bland and I can only hope he can make enough money in his brief moment in the spotlight to support him when it all goes tits up. Which it will.

I'm not sure about Enter Shikari, although they do seem to be heading in that "nu-rave" direction that the Klaxons were so eager to avoid. Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour doesn't really make my mind up for me either. It's ok, but we'll have to see what else they can come up with.

If you're the result of Carly Simon and James Taylor you're bound to have some talent...and something to live up to. Ben Taylor certainly lives up to the billing with Nothing I Can Do. Sometimes, the simple approach can work wonders. If there is any justice it will be him, rather than the likes of James Morrison, who have the ultimate last laugh.

Acoustic Ladyland have been getting some good press and Cuts and Lies suggests that they may be onto something indeed. Check it out.

I still don't get Jet. They're crap if we're being honest.

I also hate Joss Stone. She's responsible for one of the worst concerts I've ever seen in my life and now she tells me she didn't even like the songs that were "chosen" for her on the first two albums. Now she's striking out on her own. Well if Tell Me 'Bout It is any indication then you should have stuck to letting people choose your songs for you. Mind you, her last album was pitiful anyway, so maybe no approach at all is going to help her.

I don't particularly like Lucie Silvas either, but her concert quite charmed me. Strange that she would comeback with an upbeat number like Sinking In considering her big success came from ballads. It's not bad, but it's not exactly the killer comeback I would imagine she needs. And it is just me, or is she starting to look more and more like Claire Sweeney?

Gregory Darling is supporting Bryan Adams on tour. And that's all you really need to know about his new single Shell.

She's My Man is Scissor Sisters on autopilot. Yes, I'm still not happy with Ta Dah.

Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around is more notable for Scarlet Johannson being in the video than the actual tune, mainly because it seems to have been done entirely to have a go at Cameron Diaz. Still even that's not as "on-the-button" as his baiting of Britney in the Cry Me A River Video.

Madness should have stuck to the lucrative "reunion" tours and stopped trying to make new songs. Sorry? You bloody well should be.

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