Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lily Allen LIVE

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Things were looking bleak when fish and chips were followed by the pub we were planning on going to being shut (perhaps they'd heard we were coming) but for once that little pub by the Apollo wasn't ram-packed to buggery so we were able to have a few quiet drinks whilst watching the legend that is Ray Stubbs do that Fame Academy thing.

We also found ourselves sat with a table-full of lesbians. But that's another story for another time (and for a less family-friendly blog).

We had quite a good view (despite only arriving 10 minutes before Lily was due on) and whilst the crowd being full of young girls made me feel very old it did also mean that I had a brilliant view throughout the entire concert. Which makes a nice change.

Lily was her usual wonderful self, despite her claiming problems with her voice. Truth be told you wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't mentioned it, she was that good.

She rattled through most of Alright, Still and threw in a few choice B-sides (although she rather confusingly kept telling us that they were "unreleased" songs). She also treated us to some new cover versions.

Blondie's Heart Of Glass was given an acoustic reggae twinge, there was a respectful (and close to the original) version of the Specials' Blank Expression and, best of all, there was a delightful version of the Kaiser Chiefs' Oh My God.

There was also an absolutely hilarious impression of Joss Stone ("big love to Amy Winehouse") that is still making me chuckle as I write this.

So basically this was another winning night with Lily Allen. Those who have labelled her nothing more than a flash in the pan must had better be gettin ready to eat their words.

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