Monday, March 12, 2007

Single Releases 12/03/07

Well we're back to normal this week I fear. Although there is a modicum of great stuff and I might as well deal with that first.

Prescilla by Bat For Lashes is awesome, and is a different version to the album one. Natasha Khan is a talent for sure.

I also quite like the new Good Charlotte tune. Stop sniggering.

Acceptable In The 80's by Calvin Harris is a pretty good tune too. It gets me dancing, and not a lot does that.

Walk This Way by Girls Aloud Vs The Sugababes is pretty rubbish isn't it?

Chris DeBurgh is still alive? Well blow me.

Is it just me or have Faithless been on auto-pilot for years?

James Morrison and Paulo Nutini both release singles this week. Will I be able to contain my excitement?

And to be honest, I just flat out don't like the Fratellis.

I think we better stop right there. The inspiration just isn't there this week.

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