Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Absolute Garbage - Garbage

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There was a brief moment in time, right about the moment they performed I'm Only Happy When It Rains on Top Of The Pops, that Garbage were officially the hottest thing in music in my young mind. As you might expect, the feeling didn't last. But that's not to say that an overview of Garbage's musical output is an unwelcome thing.

At their best they were very good indeed; at their worst they were below even Republica. Well ok, maybe not THAT bad, but you get the picture.

So therefore for every Stupid Girl there's a Bleed Like Me, for every Queer there's a When I Grow Up and for every #1 Crush there's a The World Is Not Enough. Indeed, if I'm being honest, the only track past their first album I have any real interest in (#1 Crush aside, although that was from the same time, just not on that album) is the catchy Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go). That's not to say that everything past the first album is worthless, just that for me, having the debut album and that song is more than enough to satisfy my Garbage craving. Throw in a distinctly underwhelming new song and this is a collection I can well do without.

But if you liked their singles, and haven't yet got a Garbage CD in your collection, this might be a pleasant trip down memory lane.

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