Saturday, July 14, 2007

We Are The Night - Chemical Brothers

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The Chemical Brothers have had a remarkably consistent career for a dance act, singles wise at least. Like the statistic that we're never more than 20 feet from a Rat, it seems like we're never more than a couple of months away from a great Chemical Brothers single in the charts. (Of course, before anyone starts, I'm aware that's not strictly true, but you get my meaning).

Lead singles from We Are The Night was no different. Whilst Do It Again may not have been the most outright catchy single they've ever done it was one of those that slowly but surely got under your skin, before lodging itself in your brain.

And in a sense, this consistency has applied to their albums; in an ever changing world you at least know exactly what you are going to get from a Chemical Brothers album, right down to the guest appearances.

This time around we get the likes of The Klaxons, Willy Mason and Midlake. Ironically it's the two collaborations that you would perhaps be the most wary of (Mason and Midlake) that really hit the spot and the one that everyone would have been excited about (Klaxons) that falls flat. Indeed All Rights Reserved merely sounds like the Klaxons, and not one of their better songs at that.

Mason on the other hand steps up to the plate with aplomb for Battle Scars, whilst The Pills Won't Help You Know is perhaps the perfect "come-down" track.

Ironically it's the more straightforward "dance" moments that fall most flat although the absolute nadir has to be The Salmon Dance which wouldn't sound out of place on some CBeebies under 5's show, (if one ignores the lyrics) and as such will probably be a number one hit for weeks.

So all in all it's exactly what you'd expect. Some decent songs, some dreadful ones and a couple of stormers.

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