Sunday, July 01, 2007

An End Has A Start - Editors

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I never had much truck with Editors the first time around. Well no, that's not strictly true. I didn't have at the beginning, but actually quite warmed to their debut album over time (and saw them live twice). So whilst I wasn't exactly frothing at the mouth at the prospect of a follow up, I was intrigued to the point that I was quite looking forward to it.

In the space of five minutes, lead single Smokers At The Hospital Door completely turned me off. Tom Smith's strangled cat vocals sounded worse than ever, the song was dull and the attempts at meaning, never really an Editors strong point, were laughable to say the least.

But what of the album as a whole? Sad to say, I don't find it particularly exciting or thrilling.

There are certain points, Bones and the title track, that echo at the possibility of future glory, but ironically they are also perhaps the two tracks that most resemble their best work from The Back Room. At other time the monotony is startling, as is the unremitting gloom. You've heard one Editors song, you've pretty much heard them all.

After the initial buzz dies down, I'd be very surprised if this has anywhere near the same impact as their debut.

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