Sunday, July 22, 2007

Popjustice £20 Prize Shortlist

Sod the Mercury's, this is the one that witticisms won't be as funny as Popjustice's but here are my opinions anwway;

'Acceptable In The 80s'
Calvin Harris
Yes, this is good. I hated it at first, but quick as a flash it grew on me.

Amy Winehouse
Now if it was the Girls Aloud version....

'Beware Of The Dog'
The best number one single never to have got anywhere near number one. But Jamelia doesn't like it now, which has nothing to do with her being dropped from her record label.

'Catch You'
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Well it's better than her follow up single, but not as good as some of the album tracks.

'Don't Give It Up'
Siobhan Donaghy
The days where something can be good purely because it's "that ginger one who used to be in the Sugababes" are long gone I'm afraid. As a "pop" single this is fairly pointless.

Kate Nash
I love Kate Nash. That is all.

Roisin Murphy
See this is the good version of the Donaghy "classic" above.

'She's Madonna'
Robbie Williams
Well I liked it, even if most people didn't. MEMO TO THE PUBLIC - Rudebox (the album, that is) was not that bad.

Booty Luv
I detest this song. This winning would be akin to The View winning the Mercury.

'Something Kinda Oooh'
Girls Aloud
Their best single since, well, erm...Biology at least.

'Stop Me'
Mark Ronson
Bringing out the not-so-latent gayness of Morrissey turned out to be inspired.

'Yeah Yeah'
Bodyrox feat Luciana
Daft, but one of the few "dance" things I've enjoyed over the past year.

So yeah, it's Calvin Harris or Kate Nash for me. Probably Nash. Because she's lovely.

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