Thursday, July 26, 2007

Whatever Happened To Romance? - Victoria Hart

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You know how it goes; one minute you're singing at a private party in Cannes and then the next minute you're releasing your debut album. Of course it didn't really happen quite like that (the private party was three years ago and it was only a repeat performance recently that the record label interest kicked in) but it's still quite the story for Victoria Hart.

What might be even more amazing is that this sassy and exciting collection has only the one cover version (Sunny Afternoon - and what a corker it is too) meaning that thought has actually been put into this beyond her having a great voice and, I have to say it, a cracking pair of tits (that one's for you Gee!).

But all of you fearing that the "jazz" part of her oeuvre discounts you, then you should think again. There is a clear sense that she's positioning herself, or being positioned, as much more than that.

Her playful, sultry vocals are part of the allure, no question, but she carries a tune and comes up with some blinders. If you can resist the likes of A Girl Like Me, Je M’Oublie or Smooth Talker then you might want to check if your heart is still beating.

I don't think we'll be seeing her waitressing at the Naked Turtle for £7 an hour again any time soon.

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