Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fantastic Playground - New Young Pony Club

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With the recent success of Cansei De Ser Sexy (I refuse to call them merely "CSS"), The Klaxons and The Gossip (as rancid as I find their music) you could argue that the New Young Pony Club have certainly picked the right time to unleash their particular form of "Disco" music onto the general public.

Indeed, the album is reminiscent of Cansei De Ser Sexy but with one major difference; on Fantastic Playground, the New Young Pony Club offer up a much more consistently fantastic album.

The highlights cover virtually everything. In fact it would be pointless trying to summarize the three or four best songs because I could never limit it to that. Quite simply, any of these songs would deserve to top the charts if they were released as singles.

There are some who criticise the album for merely being 10 fantastic hit singles on one smart package. I would say, what in the hell is wrong with that? As for the critics who suggest that they're trying too hard to be "trendy", the fact they've arguably come up with the pop album of the summer means they should be given more than the benefit of the doubt on that score.

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