Monday, July 23, 2007

Single Releases 23/07

Mutya Vs Groove Amarda is brilliant. Song 4 Mutya is the best thing by a country mile on Mutya's new album and really has very little to do with her anyway. So what we are really saying is that Mutya's solo venture is a bit crap, but this song is a bloody blinder.

On the other hand, Mika is just very, very crap. Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) is so obviously channeled from Big Bottomed Girls, but someone really should point out to the cheeky chappy that he is most certainly not Freddie Mercury. In fact this song is so offensive that it may even be worse than Grace Kelly and that other god-damn awful single he released a while back.

Thankfully, Amy Winehouse was sober for a few days last year so her single releases aren't on the same "will she, won't she" level as her concerts. Mind you at least if you buy the CD of Tears Dry On Their Own she won't spit on you, forget her lyrics or have a domestic with the hubby in your living room.

At one point I thought it might just have been the "Edith Bowman" and "Jo Wiley" thing that made me not like Newton Faulkner, but upon closer inspection of his new single Dream Catch Me I think it's fair to say that's just an ironic side product.

BWO are still rubbish.

Oh sod it, I've had enough.

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