Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Now Listen - Shakin Stevens

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Look, we all have our "blind spots" and Shaky is one of mine. I've loved the guy since I was two years old (as an aside I once wrote to Jim'll Fix It to get to meet Shaky - I didn't, but was sent a signed photograph AND Shaky once sent me a get well card when I was in hospital). Here we are over 25 years later and his new album Now Listen hits the shelves.

Not that anyone in the UK would have noticed, given that despite the fact its "non-releases" (this has been on the schedules at least two previous times) got plenty of publicity, this actually release doesn't appear to have been a priority.

It probably goes without saying that if you like Shaky, and his brand of Rock 'n' Roll then you'll find plenty to enjoy here. Similarly, if you don't like Shaky, this is hardly going to change your mind.

Standout tracks include the Elvis Vegas era-esque Fire Down Below (which songwriter Jerry Scheff wrote for Elvis, but who never got around to laying down vocals - which is ironic given Shaky's music career beginnings), It's A Shame, a soothing ballad, and his riotous version of Pink's Trouble.

Yes, it's like we never had the 1990's (or hell, the 2000's either) in terms of sound and attitude but as the unmistakable sound of Shaky signing what he does best it's certainly a pleasant forty minutes of good old fashioned rock 'n' roll.

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