Friday, July 27, 2007

Teenager - The Thrills

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I know I've said this in respect of a few artists lately, but really, in 2007 is anyone actually eagerly anticipating a new Thrills album? No, thought not.

Don't get me wrong; I consider Big Sur and One Horse Town to be minor classics, but to be honest, if you've heard those two songs you've prety much heard all that you really need to hear from The Thrills.

Connor Deasy's voice hasn't got any better with age by the sounds of it, and there's only so much faux-Californian melodies that this reviewer can bear. (Incidentally, the band apparently crafted this album in a Vancouver, in a conscious effort to avoid the sunny LA vibe which personified their first two albums - well all I can say is you'd be hard pressed to notice any change).

To put in into perspective, it's not a bad album and indeed it has its moments whilst you are listening to it, but 10 minutes later, when the CD is safely back in the rack I defy you to remember any of the tunes. If this is the last I ever hear of them, on this form I can't say I'll be particularly upset.

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