Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Love To Admire - Interpol

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It's tempting, given the proximity of their release, to immediately compare Interpol's new album to that of Editors. Indeed, on this very site, I compared their recent singles (The Heinrich Maneuver to Smokers Outside the Hospital Door) and I could only come to one conclusion...Interpol's superior effort almost consigned the Editors' to becoming an irrelevance.

This feeling is heightened during the opening of the album; Pioneer To The Falls is everything you'd want Interpol to be and then they throw a curve ball ( in the form of a song not being unremitting doom) in the shape of No I In Threesome. Daft title aside, for once there is actually the sense that Interpol might actually be having, you know, fun.

But despite the very promising start there's just something that is a little too hard to like about this album. It might be the lyrical clich├ęs, or the continually transparent attempt to ape Joy Division but its more than likely to be the constant "harbinger of doom" attitude that hangs over the album.

More infuriatingly, when they lay off the daft imagery and overwrought misery, on the likes of Rest My Chemistry and The Lighthouse (even if the latter's lyrics would put it firmly in the camp of misery), they can sound very impressive indeed. Still, the sad thing is, I doubt anybody will be buying this record to hear that side of Interpol's repertoire.

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