Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bat For Lashes LIVE

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In an event not entirely unconnected to me being told off for leaving work early last Friday, it was gone half past five when I set off down Poolstock. It wasn't as bad as normal so maybe I've cracked it. I mean although I arrived later than I would have done if I'd left at five as usual, the journey itself didn't take as long...

Enough of that though because what happened when we got to the Oxford was much more interesting...we met Superman. Yes, that's right. THE Superman. Ok, so it wasn't THE Superman but it was someone who thought he was and he was surprisingly well up on his Superman life-story. The killer was when he took off his coat to reveal his Superman Cape. That was AWESOME.

As we got to the venue, some Spanish kid accused my mate Alan of dressing like a "hardcore" whatever that is. "Sneakers and combats" must have other connotations in Spain .

We had further "celeb" moments in the Manchester Academy 3 as we found ourselves stood behind "Amy Winehouse" (without the hair thankfully). Mind you this young girl in question made Winehouse look like a sober individual and I must admit that sniffing Nail Varnish Remover is a new one on me. Kids, hey?

Anyway, enough of the waffle and onto the concert. We caught some of the support act Kid Harpoon. Best described as a comedy James Blunt he ripped through his songs proficiently enough, but really just made me laugh so I can't really say much more about him.

Bat For Lashes, on the other hand, were great as ever. There isn't much I can add to my previous concert review from February. There is just a raw power about Natasha Khan and her crew that makes a great record (and still my hope/tip for the Mercury Music Prize this year) into a spellbinding live concert.

The highlights are too many to mention, but I'll always have a soft spot for What's A Girl To Do and once again Khan's solo version of Sad Eyes was hauntingly beautiful.

Second time around they were just as good and I'll definitely be there for a third time when the chance arises.

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