Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Galore - Dragonette

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For all my liking of the Popjustice website, I don't always tend to see eye to eye with their "next big thing" proclamations. Dragonette are a case in point. None of the singles and/or songs I'd heard prior to picking up this album particularly horrified me, but neither did they particularly leap out, smack me on the head and proclaim their pop genius loudly.

And in the final analysis the album hits me in pretty much the same vein.

At times you'll find yourself thinking this would make a good, if not especially great Britney Spears single (Marvellous) or that this is a good No Doubt out-take (Black Limousine) but more often you'll be thinking what on earth Dragonette's reputation was based on.

There are a couple of moments of genius I must admit, the outright highlight being Jesus Doesn't Love Me, which comes across as exactly what would happen if Depeche Mode wrote for Girls Aloud. Sadly moments like this are outweighed by the sheer mediocrity of most of the album.

Much like the Kaiser Chiefs, in that it's a "pop" album for people who don't want to admit to liking "pop" music it actually makes me a little sad that this might well be a huge smash hit. I think I'll stick to my Girls Aloud records if it's all the same to you.


Simon said...

Come on "Take it like a man" is brilliant! This is "smart" pop and for a band trying to chart a new path in the pop music currents it's pretty damn impressive.

They are a real band which is damn refreshing after all the manufactured pop of recent years.

IWFICON said...

I hear what you're saying, but just as I don't equate "manufactured" with rubbish, "real" isn't always great.

I've not given up on the album totally yet. Maybe I'll grow to like it more with further spins.

Thanks for the comment.